練習作品練習作品練習作品The annual ring of the tree named ‘Hermann Zapf’武蔵野So SocratesSong from ShakespeareバースデーコースターFalseThank you stampsStudyCarolingian MinusculeHojokiAstrologyBookmarkEclogue IVAeneid IHalloween GreetingsMartial quotationEinstein quotationLuna dum in caeloLe mondeBeauty & CharacterSecrets of serenityTwo worldsイアン・リース氏の作品をベースにした練習作品WineEleanor Perenyi’s poetEdward Johnston quotationOnionグドルン・ツァップさんの作品の模写AstrologyIn Dreams & in LoveJoseph Addison’s wordRobert Browning’s wordCicero quotationThe Royal Library of AlexandriaChristmasA to Z for calligraphers活版習作New Year CardBirthday CardTapestry of Hermann Zapf’s ninety wordsMoon riverFry me to the moonThe compositorCharles Mingus’s wordMother Teresa’s wordIt’s only a paper moonGet out & get under the moon