練習作品練習作品練習作品The annual ring of the tree named ‘Hermann Zapf’武蔵野So SocratesSong from ShakespeareバースデーコースターFalseThank you stampsStudyCarolingian MinusculeHojokiAstrologyBookmarkEclogue IVAeneid IHalloween GreetingsMartial quotationEinstein quotationLuna dum in caeloLe mondeBeauty & CharacterSecrets of serenityTwo worldsWedding oathイアン・リース氏の作品をベースにした練習作品Cleopatra’s wordWineEleanor Perenyi’s poetEdward Johnston quotationOnionグドルン・ツァップさんの作品の模写AstrologyIn Dreams & in LoveJoseph Addison’s wordRobert Browning’s wordCicero quotationEt SceleratisThe Royal Library of AlexandriaChristmasRoman Capitals by the brushA to Z for calligraphers活版習作Hallowed GroundウィンターワークショップのポスターJapanese proverbAsk and...New Year CardBirthday CardSwiss proverbTapestry of Hermann Zapf’s ninety wordsArarim SeniChurchill’s letterHZ XCIMoon riverXCII ZapfFry me to the moonFry me to the moonThe compositorSchmetterling und TannenzapfenCharles Mingus’s wordMother Teresa’s wordIt’s only a paper moonDer SchmetterlingDer SchmetterlingLittle house in the big woodsLittle house in the big woodsBlue MoonMozart said